Proprietary Discovery Platform
Elpiscience’s proprietary discovery technologies enable efficient generation of innovative cancer immunotherapies.

ElpiSource™, Rapid Generation of Desirable Fully Human Antibody


Antibody discovery generally involves animal immunization, antibody screening by hybridoma or displaying, and humanization. It normally takes 5-7 months to complete and is not very efficient. Speed and efficiency in drug discovery is very important in a fast-changing market. Using a fully human antibody library for antibody generation can accelerate the process and generate therapeutic leads without the need of humanization.


What is ElpiSource?


ElpiSource is a human naïve Fab antibody library displayed on yeast cell surface with diversity exceeding 5xE10. The library reduces the time for "target to sequence" delivery to 2-3 months by skipping the process for animal immunization and humanization. It avoids the potential risk of affinity change derived from humanization and format conversion. More unique sequences can be generated.


The library contains a semi-synthetic sub-library that covers main human productive heavy chain germline frameworks and a completely naïve sub-library that captures natural diversity.


It uses flow cytometry to manipulate the sorting strategies. It is compatible for both cell-based and protein-based screening, and can be customized for multiple types of antibodies.


By employing flow cytometry and yeast surface display, we have developed a series of methods to predict antibody developability, and can monitor and select the clones in real-time with the desired properties, such as expression level, stability, binding affinity, and specificity, et al.