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Acebody, Generate Better IgG-like Bispecific Antibody in Less Time


Asymmetric architecture is one of the widely used formats of bispecific therapeutic antibodies. This type of format is comprised of four different chains (H1, H2, L1 and L2), resulting in 10 different combinations, among which only one molecule can be selected for development. If not engineered smartly during the antibody generation process, challenges will arise at the CMC stage for the molecule in its purification, production volume, and ultimately, the total time investment will increase considerably. 


What is Acebody? 


Acebody is an H-L interchain disulfide bond engineering platform that can solve the challenging issue for IgG-like BsAb by adopting 2 pairs of alternative interchain disulfide bond to increase cognate H-L pairing rate and stability of the target antibody. It combines the Knock-into-Hole design in the heavy chain, and transfers two antibodies to an IgG-like bispecific antibody through a simple purification process without impairing the desired affinity and property. More importantly, the purity level is preserved by more than 97%, compared to the parental antibodies, without any light chain mismatching after going through the purification with protein A.



Gain Superiority through Acebody  


  • Compared to other bispecific antibody formats, IgG-like structure retains the native architecture of natural antibodies as closely as possible to preserve the associated functional characteristics and favorable quality attributes.


  • Simplified production workflow: Protein A + IEX


  • Good developability: Low aggregation tendency, high thermo stability, and easy to scale up


  • Alternative cysteine technology (Ace) to facilitate cognate heavy and light (HL) chain pairing.


  • Knob-into-Hole approach to promote heavy chain hetero-dimerization.