Elpiscience Received Second Prize in Merck’s Advance Biotech Grant Program

September 10 , 2019 11:00

Shanghai Sep 10th 2019, Elpiscience Biopharma, Ltd., announced that it received the Second Prize, which is valued at 1 million RMB, in the Advance Biotech Grant program sponsored by Merck. The program aims to help innovative biotech companies that are committed to addressing the challenges in bringing drugs from discovery to the market. Merck has started the EB Grant programs since 2014. 2019 marks the 7th time of this award.

Mr. Peter Wang, VP, Head of CMC at Elpiscience said: “We’re very honored to receive the Second Prize as a recognition of our innovation drive. Merck has always been an industry leader in providing quality products and services in the biopharmaceutical industry. At Elpiscience, we strive to bring transformative medicines to patients. Facing challenges, we’re committed to developing next generation cancer therapies through innovative approaches.”