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Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a single day. 

— Confusius

The Elpiscience team spent 2 and 1/2 days in Ningbo to discuss our company strategy and enjoy many fun activities together. Watch the video to see our matrix team in full action. Come and join us if you want to become a member of a team dedicated to Discovery and Development of innovative biotherapeutic medicines for cancer patients in need.

There are three things that we value at Elpiscience: Passion, Leadership, and Having Fun.

Passion drives our curiosity to constantly seek answers. It takes us from dreams to realizable goals and to the sky as the limit. Passion makes us exceptional team members that work together to create wonders that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise.

Leadership is in our blood. We lead scientific discoveries and will not settle with a “me too”. We lead as people always seeking to be part of a solution, not a part of a problem. We lead to initiate, to own, to collaborate, and to deliver as true leaders do.

We believe in having fun at the workplace. Having fun transforms an idea into an achievement. It turns a job into a career, and an individual into passionate leader. We create fun; we have fun!

If you are a like-minded person who seeks challenges and excitement, we invite you to join us. Please submit your CV and enquiries to operations@elpiscience.com