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A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. 

— Mahatma Gandhi

Elpiscience, derived from of “Elpis” and “Science”. According to the Greek mythology, Elpis was regarded as the personification of 'hope', she and other evil forces were trapped in a box and entrusted to the care of Pandora, the first women coined by Zeus to punish the human. When she opened the box, all of the spirits escaped except for Elpis who remained behind to comfort mankind.

Finally, human evolution has brought forth scientific advancements that can fundamentally improve human life. Cancer, once inconceivably devastating, now has the potential to be controlled and even cured. 

At Elpiscience, we stand at the front lines of this revolution for making healthier and happier lives into a reality. We envision a near future where cancer will be a minuscule biological ailment, safely eliminated or controlled by medical tools. 

Elpiscience has embarked on a mission. A mission to work with world-class scientists to discover key biology for cancer management and deliver on unmet medical needs for patients. A mission to leverage cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities to rapidly bring breakthrough science into clinics and produce effective therapies for the market. A mission to enable science to attain mankind’s extraordinary hope for a better life.