Immuno-Oncology Approach
Elpiscience aims to transform cancer treatment by developing immunotherapies to turn “cold” tumors “hot.” We strive to find differentiated biology to enable effective crosstalk between innate immunity and adaptive immunity, harnessing the full potential of the immune system to fight cancer.
Cancer Immunotherapy

The science of using the immune system to fight cancer has been pursued for more than a century. Recently this powerful approach has taken center stage with the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors offering patients powerful new treatment options for many cancers.


Two major constraints limit the advancement of new cancer immunotherapies: identification of differentiated biology that is likely to translate into clinical benefits and pre-clinical models to efficiently assess potential benefits in clinical settings.
At Elpiscience, we focus on determining biological insights by finding differentiated biology in a complex immune system to turn “cold” tumors “hot.” Our dedicated discovery team has extraordinary scientific talent and is supported by world-renowned experts to harness the full potential of the immune system to fight cancer.
Our Systemic Dual Approach
At Elpiscience, our mission is to revolutionize cancer treatment by turning “cold” tumors “hot” . As numerous mechanisms contribute to the failure of the immune system to fight cancer, we have adopted a holistic and systematic approach to enable effective cross-talk between innate immunity and adaptive immunity.
  • Removing Immune Suppressive Factors in the TME
    Removing Immune Suppressive Factors in the TME

    Tumors foster tolerant microenvironments and activate mechanisms that act in concert to hinder effective immune responses. A variety of immune and non-immune cell types in the TME secrete factors activating inhibitory signals, constituting a key barrier for immunotherapies to be effective in many patients. Elpiscience programs target these key immune suppressive mechanisms.

  • Reinvigorating Exhausted T Cell
    Reinvigorating Exhausted T Cell

    In cancer patients, T cells become dysfunctional and exhausted due to persistent antigen exposure. Reversing T cell dysfunction is critical to improving the immune response to cancer. Elpiscience programs target costimulatory and inhibitory signal pathways that can restore or generate stronger anti-tumor effects.