ES028 is a potential first-in-class SIRPα/CLDN18.2 bsAb developed using our Bispecific Macrophage Engager (BiME®) platform. The SIRPα antibody blocks the “don’t-eat-me” signal while the TAA antibody provides an “eat-me” signal through Fc receptor engagement. ES028 and the BiME platform are designed for potent activation of phagocytosis and directly kill tumor cells for treatment of solid tumors. We expect to develop ES028 as a monotherapy to provide an “eat-me” signal that can induce full activation of macrophage phagocytosis towards CLDN18.2 expressing tumors, which include gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. Additionally, ES028 has the potential to be combined with chemotherapy in earlier lines of therapy.