Elpiscience Announces the Establishment of Board of Directors

June 25 , 2017 10:00

Shanghai, June 25, 2017. Elpiscience has established its board of directors and held the first meeting in Shanghai. Board members include Darren Ji (co-founder, CEO), Hongtao Lu (co-founder, CSO), David Shen (Chairman of SAB), Hongbo Lu (Lilly Asia Venture) and Yi Shi (Lilly Asia Venture).

Cancer is still commonly recognized as a global burden that many types of cancer unfortunately lack an effective solution. Through the efforts of several generations, medical scientists have brought forth tremendous changes to the landscape of cancer management, from surgery to subsequent radio and chemo therapy, then the R&D of targeted therapy in late 20s. The recently epochal turn took place in 2010 with the application ofimmune checkpoints inhibitors for treatment of multiple tumors. Immuno-oncology (IO) treatment, hailed as one of the most unique and promising cancer treatments, are rapidly developed resulting from the positive clinical benefit shown by checkpoint inhibitors (PD-1/L1…), considered the first wave of IO therapies. However, there are around 70%-80% non-responders of total tumor patients remain undeserved.

In order to develop more effective therapies for cancer, Elpiscience was founded to focus on critical biology that would provide viable intervention points to bring clinical benefits. The establishment of Board of Directors marked that Elpiscience was ready to sail with the commitment to leading the innovation and development of the next generation of cancer immunotherapies.