Elpiscience Announces Inauguration in Zhangjiang

October 08 , 2017 10:00

Shanghai, October 8, 2017. Elpiscience, a start-up biopharma focusing on cancer immunotherapies, announces that it officially starts the operation in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park. Elpiscience was founded in June and raised 20 million USD in series A financing, which could be used to support its operation.

Elpiscience gathers a group of business elites and research talents, intending to lead the discovery and development of the next-generation cancer immunotherapies based on its deep understanding of immunology and cancer biology, as well as its world class antibody development capabilities.

Zhangjiang High-tech Park is the most advanced innovation center all over the China, which has formed an excellent framework of biomedical innovation chain and a high-quality environment for developing biopharmaceutical industry. Based on deep pool of professional leading talents and the innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere, Elpiscience is anticipated to boost rapidly to become one of the most promising cancer immunotherapy company across the world.

About Elpiscience

Elpiscience was established in June 2017 with the commitment to leading the innovation and development of the next generation of cancer immunotherapies for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide. Elpiscience was founded by a seasoned team that combined management talents and R&D abilities together, aiming to build a robust and sustainable IO pipeline to tackle the unmet clinical needs. Elpiscience is backed by top investor Lilly Asia Ventures.