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ES102 is a potentially best-in-class OX40 agonist antibody.


OX40, also known as CD134, is a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor family and is an important co-stimulator of T cell responses. Typically for TNF receptor family members, 3 molecules of OX40 bind to the trimeric OX40 ligand protein, activating downstream NF-κB, PI3K, and AKT pathways, which ultimately leads to increased cytokine production and is associated with enhanced T-cell expansion, differentiation, and the generation of long-lived memory T-cells. Considering the biological function of OX40, OX40 targeting antibodies have been clinically tested with the goal of expanding activated T cells and suppressing regulatory T cells in the treatment of cancer.


Elpiscience has in-licensed ES102/ INBRX-106 from Inhibrx, and possesses greater China rights. ES102 has shown impressive monotherapy efficacy in pre-clinical animal models and has the potential to translate clinically. ES102 is currently being evaluated in dose escalation study in the US, while Elpiscience also received IND approval from CDE in August 2020.

At Elpiscience, we are also working towards an internal pipeline combination strategy of ES102.