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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

At Elpiscience, we take pride in our knowledge and ability to tackle the delicate network of immune systems. We employ a logical approach to cover key angles in immunology in order to challenge cancer. Our product pipeline is diverse and spans over four major categories: adaptive immunity, innate immunity, tumor microenvironment, and tumor-specific antigens. We are passionate about discovering novel targets and pathways in immuno-oncology, especially in innate immunity where macrophages, dendritic cells and NK cells are the major players. Additionally, we focus on suppressive factors and molecules within the tumor microenvironment.


We see a plethora of opportunities here for discovering new tools to fight cancer. Therefore, we have developed a discovery platform that enables us to deep-dive into these areas and provides a high chance of uncovering the “next big thing” in cancer immunotherapy. 

Our discovery platform consists of 3 major parts:


ElpisourceTM is a novel target discovery platform. Elpiscience leverages its “know-how” in immuno-assays and gene editing technologies to identify novel immune modulators and binding partners of such immune regulators, which can potentially translate to drug targets in tumor-immunology.


ElpisourceTM comprises of 2 parts: a knockout (KO) system and a overexpression system. The loss-of-function genetic screen library enables us to identify specific genes required for an immune response. Whereas, the overexpression system was designed to overexpress membrane proteins that could be used to identify binding partners/ ligands of known proteins/targets.




ImmunoshineTM is an integrated immunology assay platform, which uses functional assays to screen candidate drugs and assess their properties in both primary immune cells and established immune cell lines. This platform is vital for us to isolate the best from a pool of candidates.

The ImmunoshineTM platform consists of 2 essential functions.

1.       The ability to study a specific mechanism of action and where the target is expressed in activated or differentiated single cell population models.

2.       Testing the efficacy of our candidate drugs in co-cultured cell models including immune cell- immune cell or tumor cell- immune cell interactions.  



At Elpiscience, we believe that high-quality bispecific antibodies must be derived from strong biological rationale, and designed specifically to meet different biological and commercial needs. The AbLegoTM platform was developed precisely for these purposes.


AbLegoTM is a proprietary bispecific antibody platform that consists of multiple antibody formats and a systematic approach for bispecific molecules optimization. We are designing multiple VHH-based bispecific antibodies by taking advantage of the outstanding physico-chemical properties of llama/alpaca-derived single-domain antibodies. AbLegoTM also enables rapid reformatting of existing hybridoma-derived antibodies into bispecific formats by capitalizing on a combination of scFv, common light chain, as well as specific protein sequences to achieve efficient heterodimerization.